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9 Vintage Railroad Train Videos on DVD
Plus 2 1930's ads featuring steam trains and an antique clip of a staged train wreck (1913).
Presented by Treasures Beyond Measure
Total running time: about 3.5 hours
Region 1: US & Canada

Remastered and Republished!
Steam & Diesel Trains: 9 Old Vintage RR videos- Front DVD case artwork
If you like old trains, you'll love these movies!
Included videos:
  • 2 railroad locomotives collide head-on. (1913) 1:21 (B & W) California State Fair (Clip) - Progressive Film Producing Company of America
  • At This Moment - Handy (Jam) Organization 26:25 (Color) Importance of railroads to 1950s America. Directed by Haford Kerbawy.
  • The Big Train - MPO Productions 26:02 (Color) Operations of the New York Central Railroad. Producer and director: Victor Solow. Introduced by NYCRR president Alfred E. Perlman.
  • Big Trains Rolling - Dudley Pictures Corporation 23:53 (Color) Railroads and how they keep the U.S. economy rolling
  • True Experience of Officer Harold Sewell, The - Unknown 1:20 (B & W) Dramatized screen ad showing how a flashlight powered by Eveready batteries prevents a train wreck.Back cover art
  • A Great Railroad at Work - Handy (Jam) Organization 39:04 (B & W) Everything there is to know about the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.
  • Mainline U.S.A. - Dudley Pictures Corporation 19:03 (Color) Importance of railroads in the U.S. economy, with many great running views of freight and passenger trains.
  • The Passenger Train (Second Edition) (1955) 10:41 (B & W) A young boy travels from Chicago, Illinois to Lamy, New Mexico via passenger train.
  • Chevrolet Safe Roads Ad - Handy (Jam) Organization (1935) 7:38 (B & W) Driving is compared with running a railroad train. With excellent images of steam-era passenger trains.
  • This Is My Railroad - Unknown 28:55 (Color) Operations of the Southern Pacific Railroad, with many images of the territory that it serves. With excellent footage of snow management and removal operations in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • Troop Train - U.S. Office of War Information 10:50 (B & W) Evocative World War II-era film following a troop train: the coordination of effort; its staging and assembly of cars, cargo and passengers; its heavily guarded journey through the American countryside; and the food, sleep, exercise, training, drilling and recreation of its soldier-passengers.
  • Wheels of Progress - Zenith Cinema Services, Inc. 19:02 (Color) Operations of the Rock Island Lines. Includes shots of high-speed "Rocket" freight trains; the operation of classification yards; and scenes of agricultural and industrial areas served by the railroad. Writer and Director: John A. McGee.
Comes in a collector's case with artwork shown above.

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